For those who are not already aware, I am a member of a confessional Lutheran church in the United Kingdom, called Our Saviour Lutheran Church. One of the roles I play as a church member is to run and maintain the church website, and set up the audio system for live broadcasting as a service to members unable to attend in person for whatever reason.

To join us online in these services, you can do so at the following link:

(**Note – Due to ongoing Covid-19 restrictions, the above link leads to predominantly online services.)

We are a confessional Lutheran church that is a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of England, and follow the liturgy of the Lutheran Service Book, and preach from the text of the historic one year lectionary.

If like me, this type of church is completely alien to what you’ve experienced personally, it is a great help to understand how the Christian church has worshiped historically. So please join us, or share the link with your social media friends, especially to anyone feeling frustrated with the modern shallow pretense of worship, so often to be found in many congregations throughout the world today.