If you have been a visitor to this site for any time, you will know that since the start we have been running an online radio station alongside, in order to extend the reach of the audio being platformed through site. After looking at the stats for the past months however, we’ve decided to pull the plug on the online radio station, in favour of a more up to date podcasting system hosted through a company called Spreaker.

The reason for the change is that through this system we are able to provide both on demand audio, and also broadcast live at any time via embedded podcast players. This means that the live broadcast of the Divine Services from Our Saviour Lutheran Church, which are the most heavily listened to on our radio station, will still be available, and on demand files be available once the services are over. I have assigned Our Saviour a separate podcast channel which can be found here: https://www.spreaker.com/show/oslc When visiting this channel, it will show all the latest live broadcasts, and will automatically play an ongoing broadcast if it is live at the time. Please consider sharing the page with others, along with the church website, as there are many, many wonderful audio resources available freely.

One other reason for using the service is that podcast episodes will also be shared on other popular platforms such as iTunes and Spotify etc.. We will keep an eye open as the new platforms become available, and let our visitors know.

Hopefully these changes will be welcome ones, but your comments (both positive or negative) are welcomed. Just reply to this post to make your views known.