Random TTR Episode: #309 Service to Insomniacs
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Because some time ago Pastor Bryan Wolfmueller gave me permission to make use of any of the audio he has published online (that is not under copyright elsewhere), I’ve decided to make more use of that permission than I have already. I am utterly convinced that all Christians (especially of the Lutheran variety) should be subject to regular doses of Table Talk Radio. Like medicine, it might taste a little mediocre going down, but it does you good. I promise!

Due to there being such a huge archive, I’ve decided to use a random number generator for the task of choosing the episode, and will try to publish at least one a week.

This episode was originally published September 2014, and according to the show notes:

After taking some time to answer emails and playing a little church sign and bumper sticker theology, then Pastor Wolfmueller takes a swing at “Name that Game.”

Hope you enjoy it if you haven’t already done so first time around, and my thanks goes out to Pastor Bryan Wolfmueller, and Pastor Evan Goeglein for their faithfulness and sheer stamina.

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