Pester a Pastor with Pastor Tapani SimojokiArrangements have been made for our next live interview via Zoom affectionately known as “Pester a Pastor”, with Pastor Tapani Simojoki of Our Saviour Lutheran Church, Fareham, U.K..

Pastor Tapani has been serving as pastor of Our Saviour since March 2010, and was the first to coin the phrase “pester a pastor”, which is an event that he has hosted on a fairly regular basis, predominantly aimed at young Christians and their friends. The idea being to encourage interaction by way of a friendly and informal chat, where Pastor Tapani deals with questions and queries the youth have concerning faith in Christ, that may otherwise remain obstacles that are never dealt with.

We have set a date and time for the event of Wednesday 15th July at 7pm, which will be hosted on the Zoom platform as with the previous event we hosted with Pastor Bryan Wolfmueller. Rather than being a registration only event this time, Pastor Tapani has requested an open invitation instead, to avoid anyone being too late to join us. I have set the Zoom meeting to allow people to enter from 6.30pm at this link: Please feel free to share the link with anyone you would like to invite. I will publicise the event by posting links on social media too.

As already stated, the meeting is an open event, however if you have questions you would like to put to Pastor Tapani, please consider dropping them on an email to me at any questions submitted in this way will be given priority should time become an issue.

For those who would like to know a little more about Pastor Tapani ahead of the event, please visit the church website at: