Hopefully you’ve already read the previous post explaining about our upcoming “Pester a Pastor” interview with Pastor Tapani Simojoki, in which case this is a gentle reminder that it’s this Wednesday evening at 7pm (U.K. time). If you haven’t read about it already, let me explain.

“Pester a Pastor” is a phrase actually coined by Pastor Tapani Simojoki a few years ago now, in an effort to encourage young Christians and their friends, to ask those questions that often get left unasked and unanswered. Some of which can grow to become serious obstacles to the Christian faith in a persons mind. The primary difference in what we are trying to do here, is simply to use the Zoom platform to broaden the reach of those able to attend, and to make the interview available on Youtube so that it can be watched by others after the event. Pastor Tapani is the second Pastor to be pestered, the first being Pastor Bryan Wolfmueller a few weeks ago. Click here for the Youtube video.

All will be warmly welcomed at the event, and there is no requirement to be either a Christian or a Lutheran. As long as the atmosphere remains courteous and respectful, no question that is relevant to the Christian faith, regardless of perspective, will be considered out of bounds. So whether you are a Christian seeking to learn more about Lutheran teaching, or someone with serious questions needing answers before you would even consider Christianity to be true, you are most welcome to join us.

In order to join the meeting you must have the Zoom platform installed on the device you want to use to attend. This can be a PC, laptop, tablet or smart phone. Apps are available for most devices and are free of charge. To download for your device, visit this page: https://zoom.us/download#client_4meeting You may be asked if you want to register as a member during the process, but there is no need to do so if you do not wish to. If you do however, there is free membership available anyway.

The direct link to the meeting is: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88684374107 Please feel free to share this link with anyone you would like to join, and it will lead directly to the location of the event on Zoom once it starts. All going to plan, the Zoom location will be up and running by 6.30pm in order to allow people time to login, get their bearings, and maybe have a bit of a chin wag before the interview begins at 7pm.

That’s about it, so I hope to see you soon, and may God bless you richly.