According to the Oxford Dictionary, the word “catechism” means:

a summary of the principles of Christian religion in the form of questions and answers, used for religious instruction

After spending many years in various independant charismatic churches, which are very popular in this day and age, I was devastated to realise that during those years I had remained virtually ignorant of even the most fundamental of Christian doctrine. Much time and effort was given to explore all manner of unbiblical teachings as if they were utterly crucial, and yet the core doctrines of the Christian faith were virtually ignored. As a result, many including myself in these type of churches, were passionate about being Christians, and yet failed to understand what that actually meant in reality.

Since leaving the charismatic church a number of years ago, I have finally been led into the Lutheran church, where I have been attending for the last couple of years. The greatest blessing of this for me, is the fact that great emphasis is placed upon all in the congregation to know what they believe, and why they believe it. The Lutheran catechism is a wonderful resource to teach Christians to understand the core doctrines of the Christian faith according to the Bible, and how it relates to them as individuals, members of the Church, and also regular members of society.

While it would give me great joy to know that many Christians embraced Lutheran theology as a result of visiting this website, my goal is to simply encourage Christian believers of all stripes to diligently examine what they believe in the light of Scripture. And where this shows a conflict in their theology, to dig deeper with a humble heart into the Word of God in order to fall into line with sound doctrine, in thought, word and deed.

I have structured the content of this website with the foundation being on Luther’s Small Catechism, all sections of which can be read directly through the main menu. There is also an online radio station I have set up that is also based on Luther’s Small Catechism, where it is broadcast in it’s entirety both morning and evening on a daily basis, amongst other great audio podcasts and music.

Apart from this self generated content, I am also attempting to set up a hub of valuable resources that when explored, will lead visitors to other websites and ministries that are absolute treasure troves of solid Bible based resources. There is no apology given for the majority of these sites and ministries being Lutheran, however I am always on the search for others to add to the list too, whether they are Lutheran or not. So please feel free to point me in the right direction if you know of any!

There is also a community forum available to discuss these things further, and to help those new to Christianity to enquire further. On the forum there is also a section entitled “Ask the Pastor”, which is specifically for those with genuine questions concerning the faith. Very kindly, Pastor Tapani Simojoki (serving pastor of Our Saviour Lutheran Church, Fareham, UK) has agreed to do his best to answer any questions we might receive via this route.

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